Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Little Men And Women Who Weren't There

The Democratic Party failed even to field candidates in these races:

U.S. Representative Dist. 7 - my congressional district

State Senate Dist. 17 - my state senatorial district

In State Representative Dist. 134, Ellen Cohen (D) would have won if she had gotten just 800 more votes. Most Democratic incumbents in the State House survived the election, but not mine.

And the new County Clerk, Stan Stanart (R), wants to stop socialism. I guess I can sleep better nights knowing that, though I'm not certain just how a keeper of birth and death records and such can influence socialism at all.

What a steaming pile!


  1. Just wondering if Second Amendment solutions are off the table now?

  2. mandt, I don't even own a gun. If 2nd Amendment solutions come to be employed, I will be the victim of them, not the perpetrator. When my father died, I sold his gun... a .22 rifle bought at the insistence of my by-then mentally disturbed mother... to his next-door neighbor who actually hunted for some of his food. OTOH, if the Tea Partiers come after me with their weapons, I am defenseless. So be it: they are not the only ones willing to die for their principles, Dog damn them.

  3. Steve, your response was very visceral and personal, which I think is very indicative of the 'violence' zeitgeist so prevalent in the political atmosphere. I was astonished to learn that after a supporter stomped a young woman there was a spike up in Rand's polls. The next two years will only bring that thugism to a commonly accepted level. Personally, I plan to strap a grenade to my walker when the come for us.

  4. We had several vacant seats around Florida, and in one case I know of the GOP candidate had to withdraw to spend more time with his family, lawyer and/or parole officer. An easy opportunity missed by the failure to follow through on Howard Dean's 50-state program.

    I live in an area and state where you would be insane not to assume that everyone has a gun or other lethal stuff. They just arrested a group of people for a drug and arms smuggling operation 60 miles from me. If it's illegal it has been smuggled through local waters.

    Al Capone had a place down here when it was booze that was being smuggled.

    People are getting desperate and the Republicans had better be able to show some results.

  5. mandt, I can't imagine myself actually turning violent. Actually, I can imagine it; that's why I decline even to discuss the possibility seriously.

  6. Bryan, Dean's 50-state program seems to have vanished, and with it, any chance that Democrats can retake the House. Everyone expects Texas to go Republican; it's hard to get the Democratic Party to spend money on any candidate here.

    Republicans don't have to produce results... all they have to do is make people afraid of everyone who's not just like themselves. Hey, it worked this election.



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