Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dear Courage Campaign

I don't know who gave you my email for your list; there are many possibilities... and for the moment I'll leave you on my list. And I have to admit that, to all appearances, your political positions and my political views are very, very similar. Thank you for being sane.

But I can't help noticing that your logo is a recolored version of the California state flag. And of the 20 issues linked from the home page of your web site, five (5) are introduced with that California flag, and the linked articles are about issues that may or may not be nationwide in scope, but are certainly California-based in the specific versions that you have chosen to address.

Your splash screen throws up a popup asking me to contribute money. If you're truly an org that spans America in addressing progressive issues, and you want to prove yourself worthy of my money, why don't you take on something harder?

Texas, for example, has far more tough nuts to crack than California...

I notice your logo graphic is named bear_thumb.gif ... an org that actually wants to confront Texas nuts will need to be able to crack them with its (ahem) bear [sic] thumbs! Contact me again when your org is prepared to do that.
Good luck,

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