Thursday, May 2, 2013

National Day Of Prayer


Afterthought: I found this column about the "nones" [sic] worth reading.


  1. Dear Great Penguin,

    Please stay asleep. The last thing we need down here on Earth is some giant big squawking penguin waddling around smashing things and inspiring crusades and stuff amongst His followers.


    - Badtux the Tuxologist Penguin

    1. 'tux, you know the origins of this thing, or at least the course of its development after Congress designated it in 1952. It's the Christian evangelical right wing, through and through. I generally don't mock people's religions, but I am certainly willing to mock their politics!

    2. We Tuxologists mock Christians at will, though, since they follow a heretical belief and thus are worthy of being mocked. Everybody knows that the Great Penguin laid the universe as an egg (the so-called "Big Bang"), created penguins in His image, and men are just monkeys that evolved while the Great Penguin sleeps during one of Paradise's multi-million year nights. We have scientific evidence that the Great Penguin's egg existed, while Christians with their invisible sky demon and so-called "Son" who got himself executed for being a pain in the butt to the powers that be... heck, they probably even believe in the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy, sheesh!

      However, all in all, I don't have a problem with Christians, that is, people who follow the teachings of their Christ. Reading the Beatitudes, I have to say that their Christ was one heckuva guy, regardless of whose son he was, and following those teachings would make this world a much better place. I do have a problem with "Christians", those who preach hate and intolerance in the name of their invisible sky demon, though. Especially when these "Christians" want to force their beliefs upon us Tuxologists, rather than keeping them in the home and pulpit where they belong. They're like Gay Pride activists who want to copulate in public in order to prove that gays can, I dunno, have sex in public? Either way, they should be declared a public nuisance and an offense to public decency when they do such things.

      - Badtux the Religious Penguin

  2. Don't You Dare to Eat It!

    Cat and Owl playing:!

    1. Enfant, I had parakeets as pets when I was a child, because our housing was unsuitable for dogs and my dad didn't much like cats, (He didn't hate them, either; he just wasn't much interested in them.) And of course now I'm a vegetarian, so I don't want the budgie to be eaten!

      That video is thoroughly charming. Both creatures are so obviously playing... it's not just thinly veiled fighting; it's rough-and-tumble play, much as two small human children would play. Quite amazing!



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