Friday, May 24, 2013

Greece: Former Deputy PM Delights Bankers, Blames Working People And Kids For Their Own Hunger

Theodoros Pangalos
It's been a while since I've written about conditions in Greece, but believe me, things have not improved for the great majority of Greeks. Via Greg Palast, we learn that Theodoros Pangalos, former Deputy Prime Minister of Greece, an individual who (ahem) looms large in the politics of austerity thrust upon Greeks of ordinary means for the benefit of European banksters, blames the collapsing economy in Greece on lazy, hungry working people and greedy, starving children. Perhaps the population's hunger problem could be remedied if Pangalos (pictured at right) fasted for a week or two...

(H/T BadTux.)


  1. Hmmmm that one could easily feed ten families for a month-----makes a case for cannibalism....just say'un.

  2. Greg Palast's nickname for Mr. Pangalos -- "Fat Bastard" -- is way too appropriate. Yah, those lazy schoolkids, why, if they were only willing to work 80 hours a week rather than, like, go to school, they wouldn't be starving!

    Lizard people from planet Sociopath. Just sayin'. And LizardPerson Pangalos looks like a python that just swallowed an aardvark whole...



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