Friday, September 27, 2013

How Would A Government Shutdown Affect You?

Of course, if you're a federal worker, you may (or may not) be furloughed, and you will be informed Friday about your status for Monday. Some essential services will be continued... national security, etc. But some of us will still feel the effect:
Not all of government would cease to operate. Services considered critical to national security, safety and health would go on as usual, such as border patrol, law enforcement and emergency and disaster assistance. Social Security and Medicare benefits would keep coming, for example, but there likely would be delays in processing new applications. [Bolds mine. - SB]
Oops... that last clause applies to me. I had just begun gathering my documents in preparation for a trip to the local SSA/Medicare office (it's near our house, and in-person often works better) when I read about this... I suppose I won't know until tomorrow afternoon, or maybe even Monday. It really gives me a sense of confidence :-( in the government programs that are supposed to provide me a livelihood and health care before too long...

(Yes, folks, I finally gave up and created a post category for "Government Shutdown"! Is that my expression of... what did Obama call it... "the oh-dash-it-all of hope"?)

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