Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Schneier Scores Six In A Row

Not counting his routine functional posts and his fascination with squid, Bruce Schneier has put up at least six posts in a row that are well worth reading. Listing them blog-fashion (newest first), they are
Clearly, this is Schneier's time to shine. Most of us are not qualified to judge him as a cryptanalyst, but I may judge him as a writer, and as a writer he is superb. These posts are both long and full of concentrated information... a rare combination, I think you'll agree. If the whole NSA scandal means anything to you, please read Schneier's blog, and keep reading it. You won't be disappointed... squid notwithstanding.


  1. Bruce has his fuckyou money after selling his startup to British Telecom for an ungodly sum of money. The fact that he hasn't retired to a desert island and instead is fighting the good fight says something about his character.

    1. 'Tux, it is nice to see someone in the industry become wealthy who goes out of his way to deserve his wealth. The notion that one owes something in return besides one's best work for that high-dollar fee needs to be impressed upon our younger IT people, and Bruce is clearly a fine example for them.



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