Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Joe Richard The Plumber

Based on this morning's experience, I'd hire... or vote for... Richard any day over Boastful Joe.

Richard, a very young man, hired by my landlord because his old plumber died, did efficient and excellent work replacing two faucets and a tub plug, was courteous... and to Stella's delight, he cleaned up his workspace.

He's definitely a "keeper" in my opinion. So are the faucets!


  1. Replies
    1. Maybe, ellroon, but only because he's such a slender young man. It turns out he installed one of the faucets, the one in Stella's bathroom, with Hot and Cold reversed left-to-right from their usual positions. Otherwise, he's still wonderful, but I'm afraid we're going to have to dock a few points...

  2. Damn. That's a major blunder... but maybe he's still in training. Treat him well and he'll grow up to be the rare thing: a trustworthy handyman...

    1. I had a plumber do that to my kitchen faucet at my last apartment, i.e., hot water ran cold, and cold water ran hot. It turned out that he'd fastened the pipes to the correct outlets (left pipe to hot outlet, right pipe to cold outlet)... but the plumbers who'd originally plumbed the apartment had managed to a) reverse the pipes such that left was cold and right was hot, and b) even had managed to run cold water to the dishwasher outlet! Unfortunately, he, like Richard, forgot to check the water temperature before he left.

      So it may just be that Richard the Plumber hooked things up the way code says they're supposed to be plumbed... but the actual wall pipes are wrong! Not that this excuses failing to check the water temperature before leaving, but so it goes.

    2. ellroon, I've since found another "senior moment" committed by this distinctly non-senior plumber: he forgot to turn the wall valves of the kitchen sink back on before he left. It was a stretch for an old guy like me to reach under the sink that far, from a standing position since I am unable to sit or lie down on the floor (that would be a one-way trip; I'd end up in a LifeAlert™ ad). So I'm not as enthusiastic as I was at first about the new plumber.

    3. 'tux, our previous faucet had Hot and Cold in the conventional places, for what that's worth. I think all that we really needed was a new washer, but hey, we're not plumbers, and I've never been inside of one of those faucets with a single lever for both temp's...



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