Monday, September 2, 2013

The Obama Administration's Labor Day Message

Here it is...
Oh, wait, here's their Labor Day message:
SYRIA syria sYrIA SYRia Syria ...
Thanks to Flood the Zone, Inc., we can now rest assured that the evildoers in Syria will be bravely confronted.*

* and the workers of America will continue to be bravely ignored. Priorities, you know!


  1. fwiw, here is President Obama's actual Labor Day message:

    1. Thanks, 'noz; I probably didn't invest enough time into trying to find that. I knew that whatever Obama said, it couldn't have been socio-politically liberal or a serious reinforcement of organized labor values; if it had been one or both of those things, it would have been all over the lefty sites I tend to read. And it wasn't.

      Thanks particularly for linking the text of the speech rather than a video. One of the most serious problems I have with Obama is that he speaks in such moving phrases and passionate tones that I can scarcely believe it when, half a year later, he at least hasn't followed through at all, and often enough has done the exact opposite. And so it's better if I read his speeches rather than listen to them, if my object is information rather than inspiration.

      Things were easier for me (fbow) when I was a card-carrying Democrat and union member (AFM Local 65‑699, member in good standing, retired 2 years ago): I knew how I was going to vote, and why. I still know how I'm going to vote... very close to straight 'D', and never, ever for a GOPer... but the party no longer has a place for philosophical liberals like me. Yeah, I know; I should STFU and get to work, but Obama and crew have made it difficult for me.

  2. Labor Day: 90 Million Americans Without Jobs; 36% Of the Population

    1. Enfant, that's about a third of the adult population unemployed. You can find higher numbers if you look for them, but it's difficult to find lower numbers... except from the government itself, with its vested interest in making things look better than they are. I've been out of work for about five years, though after the first year or two I didn't look very hard for a job that clearly wasn't available, at least not to an old man.

      A lot of the unemployment today is the result of the strangest kind of partisan politics I've ever seen: the House GOP caucus (the Tea Party) has enough power to kill any bill that would effectively allow the economy to recover. Worse, they see that as their preferred course of action.

      Originally, they were going to do that until Obama was defeated in his run for a second term... never imagining the electorate might prefer even another Obama term over even one term of the Tea-baggers. The electorate did, indeed, prefer another Obama term, that being the only reasonable desperation measure in a locked-in two-party system. But, undaunted, the GOPers continue their destructive behavior, presumably straight through another four years, after which Dog only knows what will happen.

      I would not be too surprised at some sort of uprising, though I doubt an actual revolution could even get started; Americans haven't the 'nads to do that anymore, nor are the NRA's precious family firearms any good against a modern army. So the best that can happen is that one-third of the population starves; the worst is that the same people starve, and another large number engage in futile, fatal firefights. It doesn't look good to me!



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