Wednesday, March 5, 2014

CIA Caught Allegedly Hacking Senate Staffers

Hey, the gummint is all just one big happy family, right? DSWright at FDL:
...according to a report by McClatchy.

The CIA Inspector General has reportedly made a referral to the Justice Department related to CIA misconduct for monitoring staff at the US Senate who were working on a report on the CIA’s torture program. The spies were spying on Congress.

Remember, the national security state just wants to keep you safe and is not on a power trip.

The McClatchy piece by Jonathan S. Landay, Ali Watkins and Marisa Taylor is cautiously guarded about whether wrongdoing did or did not occur. Presumption of innocence, ya know. (He... hehehe... HAHAHAHAHA!) Even so, there is this assertion:

The development marks an unprecedented breakdown in relations between the CIA and its congressional overseers amid an extraordinary closed-door battle over the 6,300-page report on the agency’s use of waterboarding and harsh interrogation techniques on suspected terrorists held in secret overseas prisons. The report is said to be a searing indictment of the program. The CIA has disputed some of the reports findings.

Damn, I'll bet they have!

Your tax dollars at work...

AFTERTHOUGHT: I suppose I should be clear about precisely what I'm objecting to here, though I suspect you know. The CIA has no business spying on Americans in America, and especially no business spying on Congress; such acts are wildly outside the mission. I understand that every nation today has to have a spy agency, but I hope that ours can spy ON BEHALF OF America, not ON America.

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