Monday, March 10, 2014

GOP: ‘Hold It! The Next Man That Makes A Move, The [Doctor] Gets It!’

GOP borrows a line from Bart
... except the GOP House, unlike Bart in Blazing Saddles, has about zero chance of getting away with their ploy.

What are they trying to do? They're trying to fund the "doc fix" ... i.e., avoid the 24 percent pay cut to Medicare doctors already scheduled to go into effect automatically on (I am not making this up) April 1... by diverting funds intended for the next year's worth of the Obamacare individual mandate. Yeah, that's what I thought. It'll never work... Democrats in the Senate and of course Obama himself would never go along with it, so House GOPers are really pointing that gun at their own heads, in the person of doctors... who are typically among the GOP's most steadfast supporters!

While we're into movie quotes, here's mine in reply: "Go ahead... make my day!"

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