Friday, March 28, 2014

Fifth Circuit Court Upholds Texas's Draconian Abortion Law

 Just... read about it at FDL. I am too angry to write.

Also this... "Murder this abortion doctor"? Doctors' names and addresses, sometimes on "Wanted"-style posters, including information on a doctor in Wichita, Kansas where Dr. George Tiller was murdered, are again being distributed by an anti-choice group. These people have proved before that they, not the doctors they intimidate, are the true murderers. Take their threats seriously.


  1. Good grief. WTF. Doesn't anyone remember history? What it was like before Roe v Wade? As the saying goes, ending Roe v Wade will not end abortions, only legal abortions. I bet the Fifth Circuit doesn't have any/ many women judges on their rolls, right?....

    I've printed this in several places, but it's appropriate here:
    I have often offered my idea for an amendment: Any politician who supports negating a woman's right for reproductive control must sign a legal document that states he (or she) has never and will never use (nor his/her significant other) an abortifacient (a hormonal birth control pill), has never masturbated, had sex with anyone before marriage, had sex only with spouse and had sex only for procreation. And the politician must agree that after extensive research if they have lied they must resign. If they want to make our sex lives their business, they must make their sex lives our business.

    1. ellroon, the current composition of the Fifth Circuit is listed here. The court has 17 seats. Five have names typically given to women, one is a Leslie and the rest have typically given to men. Four were appointed by Reagan, two by Clinton, six by BushBaby, and two by Obama... IOW, all were appointed by Republicans, in name or in fact. Three seats are vacant and probably will remain so while a Democrat is president.

      Personally I think men holding public office who intrude on women's right to control their own reproductive status should be summarily castrated. It shouldn't be hard to prove guilt: most such men seem to brag about it in public.

    2. Addendum: the Leslie is male.



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