Sunday, March 9, 2014

‘Dog Whistle Politics’: Bill Moyers Interviews Ian Haney López, Part II



  1. Mr. Lopez made a hugely important point, one that Democrats in general (and Texas Democrats in particular) just don't grasp - that half of Hispanics identify as white, not as a person of color. Those who are in a lather to turn Texas blue seem to think if they could just get out the Hispanic vote, presto chango, purple-to-blue Texas. But as commentators have pointed out (including Nate Silver, I think), that is only true of Hispanics in general. But in Texas, Hispanics do not vote Democrat, in large part. They vote Republican.

    1. Constance, I've known Hispanic Americans all over the political spectrum, and that's not a mistake I'm liable to make. But as the GOP nationwide (think: Arizona) becomes more aggressive toward undocumented workers and more insistent on no path to American citizenship, I can't help thinking some Hispanics may feel their commitment to the GOP slipping. I know families with members on both sides of the Texas-Mexico border; the Americans among them have already shifted to voting Dem. Now if you're thinking of Cuban Americans, well, they'll probably never change...



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