Thursday, July 3, 2014

Greg Abbott Receiving Campaign Money From... You Guessed It... The Koch Family

Wayne Slater of Dallas Morning News has the story:
AUSTIN — Five months after an ammonium nitrate explosion that killed 15 people in West, Attorney General Greg Abbott received a $25,000 contribution from a first-time donor to his political campaigns — the head of Koch Industries’ fertilizer division.

The donor, Chase Koch, is the son of one of the billionaire brothers atop Koch Industries’ politically influential business empire.

Abbott, who has since been criticized for allowing Texas chemical facilities to keep secret the contents of their plants, received more than $75,000 from Koch interests after the April 2013 explosion at the West Fertilizer Co. storage and distribution facility, campaign finance records filed with the state showed.

Is it true, Texas has the best politicians money... and more money, and still more money... can buy? That sounds like a pile of, er, explosive fertilizer to me!

We do have a clear choice: Texans: elect Wendy Davis, for the good of your state.

Or else, meet our new owners:


  1. BREAK THE KOCH MACHINE, Friday, June 27, 2014

    L'Enfant de la Haute Mer(

    1. Enfant - Of course I signed. There may be no single act so important in saving the remnants of our battered democracy as stopping the Koch brothers from buying it outright. Money is not speech. Corporations are not persons. And the Kochs are not owed any damned thing except what all of us are owed. Thanks for the ref.



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