Friday, July 4, 2014

Need Some Inspiration? Bill Moyers Is Ready And Willing To Provide

Does this Fourth of July seem bleaker than the last few? Is the sh!t flying so fast you can't duck it? Does your typically activist self feel overwhelmed speaking truth to power, because there's just so much power that needs to hear your message these days, and they're so uninterested in what you have to say?

Yeah. Me too.

One of my usual sources of inspiration in troubled times is Bill Moyers. No young man, Moyers is bound to feel the fatigue... but he never for a moment relents in his pursuit of social justice. Involved in Washington politics since at least Lyndon Johnson's presidency, he knows the ropes, and is not afraid to climb them.

And can that man interview! In the segment below, he even challenged the great Jim Hightower on the foundations of his populism, and showed him and his movement in the strong, positive light they deserve. The succeeding segment, on a new style of organizing to capture the attention of the powerful, based not on political party and in the absence of vast funding used by lobbies, is a sight to behold... and to be inspired by.

Here it is (if I can get Vimeo to cooperate). Happy Fourth; may your America thrive in the coming year, and maybe longer!

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