Saturday, July 26, 2014

Stella Suffers Sudden Strength Shortages

Stella holds Esther (2010)
Her birthday, which I expected would cheer and comfort her, surround her with friends and grant her a new lease on life, instead inflicted great pain on Stella and forced her to suffer limited mobility for the entire week. Not entirely certain of his diagnosis, her doc fears the phenomenon may afflict her for literally months. Worst of all, she suffers impaired mobility and significant muscle pain, and despite using the family walker most of the time, still manages to fall unexpectedly every couple of days, struck down by a sudden loss of muscle strength. There is some question how soon she will be able to resume work, but like most of us, she can't really afford not to. Keep your fingers crossed. Please forgive me if I'm not around the blog as often as usual, and please think good thoughts toward Stella.


  1. I'm so sorry you and Stella are having to cope with such awfulness. Gentle hugs and good thoughts being sent. Please get better soon, Stella!

  2. We are sending the best vibes we can muster from down here on the bayou. I hope for a quick diagnosis and solution for the problem because it is frustrating when you can't do what you want, when you want.

  3. ellroon and Bryan, I just packed Stella off to her first day of work after what was scheduled and charged to her as a week of vacation, but ended up being a week of de facto sick leave. I don't think I've ever sent anyone off with TWO walkers (one standard, one rolling) before, but she didn't know which would work best in the labyrinthine old building that serves as most of the campus of a well-known medical school. I just got a phone call... Stella made it to work OK, and enlisted the assistance of two brand-new medical students to spot her as she ascended the ramp. Whew!

    The problem is at best obscure, and may be related to another problem for which she has already been treated for a couple of years. Indeed, the doc says the first thing to do is to change the schedule and dosage of the periodic medication she already receives. All we can do is hope (and pray, if you're the praying sort) that the change results in a quick recovery... I've rarely seen her as miserable as this.

  4. Sending good vibes and best wishes to Stella and hoping to hear good news soon!

    1. C, thanks for your kind wishes. You have a few years yet before you experience the "joys" of senior citizenship, but I know you must have seen a lot of it in your previous profession. Your parents are very lucky to have offspring who know both how and why to take good and humane care of them.

  5. My heart goes out to you. Get well Stella, loving vibs for healing your way.



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