Saturday, March 7, 2015

18 Years — Cause For Celebration

 As of today, Stella and I have been an "item" for 18 years. This Lichtenstein-like work shows "Stella," but with all due respect to people who love their kids, the woman depicted here expresses (sarcastically) an attitude for both of us. Search the Web for "forgot to have children" and you'll learn how very many people feel that way!

We plan a splendid meal (probably at Vietopia), a walk in a park (weather permitting) and... our signature activity for most such celebrations... a trip to a bookstore!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on keeping your sense of humor and love through all of your various adventures. And may your dinner be delicious, your walk be glorious, and may you find the very book you have been hoping to find!

  2. Congratulations! Happy anniversary to you both!

  3. Replies
    1. ellroon, Michael, c, Enfant... Thank you for your kind good wishes!

      We had a very enjoyable day: we slept late, took our time getting to Vietopia (a fine restaurant, but not particularly crowded on Saturday afternoon), had a splendid meal (does it make sense to call something "Vietnamese vegetarian haute cuisine?), wended our way, as relaxed as we could be, over to an outlet of Texas's signature used book store, Half Price Books (where I had excellent luck finding treasures; Stella not so much... on any given day, usually one of us finds things and the other does not), drove over to a Barnes & Noble for frappuccino at their embedded Starbucks, and finally shopped for books some more (Stella's luck changed and so did mine; she finally got a decent haul, mostly CDs, and I found nothing at B & N). After all that, we were utterly exhausted, came home to Our House (which ironically is not technically our house) and relaxed with my books (a tall stack of Chomsky and a book of short stories written or edited by Sara Paretsky) and Stella's new CDs. Sweet!

      We are fortunate to be together, and so far we have managed to sustain a livelihood through everything the economy has thrown at us in the last six years. No serious complaints, other than a few old-folks health issues... knock on wood!

  4. Replies
    1. :-) I never knew that it is an old Greek saying! We all learn from you, Enfant!

  5. Excellent and congratulations. May you have many more.

    1. Thank you, Monk, and may your life have many similar happy events!



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