Monday, March 23, 2015

Wisconsin Republican: Weekends For Me, None For Thee!

To be fair, I must say that not every state has a law requiring all businesses, or businesses over a certain size, etc., to give employees a weekend day off. But Wisconsin is currently such a state.

Wisconsin Republicans want to change that. Why? It's bound to be an unpopular change. I suppose it's "anything to stiff a union" ...

The Republican state senator sponsoring the bill is named Van Wanggaard. If he pushes this bill through, he damned well better guard it; someone whose weekend he trashed might well go after it with a stick, or worse...


  1. They are bound and determined to destroy all of the evil FDR's New Deal? They want to see liberals cry? They are getting wads of money from the Koch brothers who want to see Victorian era work houses and pollution? I can't imagine what on earth they're assuming will happen... but they are making sure people are going to get good and pissed off.

    1. ellroon, I've often asserted that conservatives maintain a serious misconstruction of human nature, of what makes people do one thing or another, and this is another example.

      I worked in one government employed position in which my boss grew super-strict about when I performed what duties; basically, he wanted to employ me not as a technical professional but as a general gofer and flunky. I responded... silently... by reserving every Friday for my personal professional education, using my employer's resources as needed to acquire new professional skills. That didn't last long, but that's what I intended: when I resigned (and yes, I initiated the process), I left the bastard in a difficult position with his own supervisor and faced with doing his own flunky work. That was my last employed position before I switched to full-time independent contract work, where I thrived for 20 years before retiring.

      Two behaviors of conservative supervisors simply don't work, in government or elsewhere. One is the "shine my shoes" attitude; the other asserts "the beatings will continue until morale improves." To Hell with both of them and the people who attempt to enforce them.



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