Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Netanyahu May Reveal US-Iran Negotiation Secrets

Washington (CNN)The Obama administration is bracing for Benjamin Netanyahu to spill secret details of Iran nuclear talks, as both camps traded last-minute political jabs ahead of the Israeli prime minister's controversial address to Congress at 11 a.m. EST on Tuesday.

The White House is uncertain what precise details may come out but aides spent Monday frantically mobilizing after Israeli officials said that the prime minister planned to disclose sensitive details of an agreement taking shape in talks between six world powers and Iran, which has entered a delicate final stage.

This man is not an ally of the United States. If he leaks American secrets for political reasons, there must be diplomatic consequences.

ADDENDUM: Juan Cole's article "4 Things more Dangerous to Israel than Iran’s civilian Nuclear Enrichment" is well worth reading.


  1. There are enough AIPAC owned Congresscritters that no serious action is possible against Israel. The most Obama could do is to call in the US ambassador to Israel for extended consultation and send a strong note of unhappiness to the Israeli government.

    1. Bryan, Israel is-real problem: even the best of America's allies should not be in a position to arrange an invitation to speak to Congress with absolutely no involvement... permission or at least a courtesy note... to the President, no matter who that president is. Diplomacy is primarily an executive branch function, and always has been. As little fond of O-Bummer as I am, I still think Boehner was completely out of line in arrogating the right to issue the invitation. If I were Obama, I'd be looking for creative ways to make Boner eat this one, without sauce on it.



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