Saturday, March 21, 2015

‘New’ Sherlock Holmes Story By Conan Doyle Found After 80 Years

No beating about the bush: it can be read here.

This sort of thing is not unprecedented. Like many authors in the days before authors were owned by publishers and kept confined in stables like race horses, one of the most effective charitable gestures a well-known author could make was to write and contribute his or her own story, using the author's own (in)famous character(s), indirectly urging the reader to participate in that same charity. In this case, Conan Doyle was trying to save an old bridge in Selkirk. The story contains many local references, most of which are beyond my reach, but you may be sure the gentleman reaching for his purse to contribute would have known them all.

Conan Doyle
Conan Doyle wrote enough such stories that I have run across and read one before, but it was in a dead-tree source which I cannot put my hand on at the moment. If I run across another, I'll let you know. Meanwhile, enjoy this one.

H/T ellroon, who finds and points us to a wealth of interesting things!

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