Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Foot Note

I am in a LOT of pain these days. I am barely mobile for things like getting to the kitchen for food and to the bathroom for necessities. I may not feel much like blogging the next day or two. Or ten. Or a hundred. This is the worst it's been so far. I'll be here when I can.


  1. Damn it, just damn it. There is nothing redeeming in pain. It's one of those worlds where only fellow travelers can know. Sorry my friend. If healing vibs your way are true, you'll feel better soon. Just remember, even warriors need pain meds! peace, Michael

    1. karmanot, I plan to ask my doc for something stronger than the aspirin I've been consuming like candy. I really don't like the risk of addiction to pain meds, but I can't take much of this without help. Thanks for your steadfast support!

  2. Gentle hugs, Steve, and may your foot stop behaving badly and hurry up and heal.

    1. Thank you, ellroon; yours is a kindly wish indeed. The possibility of losing the foot has come up again with my doc; I cannot decide on that without knowing the likely consequences if I don't have it amputated... I don't have to decide quite yet; I'm arranging for another boot to be made by the orthotist; it's possible that will solve the whole problem. But wounds that won't heal are never a good sign.

  3. Steve, George and I are thinking of you. Let us know if there's any way we can help. I don't believe in pain, so if there is something that will help that, I hope you get some.

    1. Barbara, thank you so very much. I'm no pillar of strength in the face of bad pain... I'd rather be a piller than a pillar... and I plan to ask my doc tomorrow. Somehow I've made it through the day today, though the pain (not to mention the stench!) has taken away my appetite, leaving me with one glass of milk and perhaps 20 Wheat Thins as my total food intake today. That, if nothing else, cannot sustain. I have to get adequate nutrition, even if I'm losing my foot (unknown yet), even if I'm declining into death due to sepsis (also unknown). I am hoping for some help and some advice and most of all, a plan by the end of tomorrow morning's appointment.



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