Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Robert Reich: Three Cliffs, None Of Them Fiscal

Robert Reich lists three looming "cliffs" facing America, none of them the much-talked-about "fixcal cliff." They are these:
  • The child poverty cliff,
  • The baby-boomer healthcare cliff, and
  • The environmental cliff.
Each of them, says Reich, requires immediate attention, and each is being neglected by the powers-that-be in favor of an utterly ridiculous "crisis" fabricated by our wealthy leadership and more likely to harm than help the public at large. I don't know about you, but even in my heyday I never had an income of $250,000 in any one year. And that's who would be helped by any "grand bargain": it would help the very rich become even richer. Enough already!


  1. To get a 'gut' sense of the child poverty crises check out Fontline's documentary --- Poor kids.

    1. karmanot, to my everlasting regret, a Texan needs no introduction to child poverty: it's truly horrible here, and as long as Goodhair is governor, it will stay horrible. When people in power just don't care, someone should kick their butts out of office, but Texas was gerrymandered twice last decade by the Republican leadership, and ousting them is almost impossible. Taxes here are as regressive as possible: both Texas and Houston have fixed-rate sales taxes, which of course eat away at poor people's incomes disproportionately. I am not holding my breath for that to change.



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