Monday, December 10, 2012

Richard Stoltzman, Bill Douglas: 'Begin Sweet World'

Well, OK, this YouTube lists it as "Beging Sweet World," but there's no begging whatsoever about it; rather a great deal of generosity of spirit. Some people have the art of being sweet without being cloying, and Stoltzman and Douglas certainly do. If this instrumental doesn't melt hearts of stone, there's something wrong with them!

Today I avoided a kind of pitfall. I was scheduled for a PET scan of my foot on Wednesday, which I was and am convinced is not necessary at all. Sometimes, though, one gets drawn into processes that have lives of their own, and this medical test became one such. I was fortunate in several ways to avoid following the matter to conclusion: I have a very sympathetic primary care doc; the hospital had a superbly competent scheduling clerk who has learned to listen past what old people say to what they mean; finally, I came to my senses about the budget issues that caused me such concern... it's not that the PET scan was a "wrong" test, but that it was expensive and not circumstance-appropriate. The money I saved by not having it will practically cover a new orthotic boot which presumably will actually fit my foot now as well as the first one fit my foot back then... and the money will go straight to the solution of the problem. Sometimes I am easily distracted, and so sometimes is my PCP; this time, I think we are both back on track... just in time.

Enjoy "Begin Sweet World." Listen to it twice, even if it has an internal repeat. Your insides will feel good if you do.


  1. Replies
    1. It doesn't get much sweeter than that, does it, karmanot? :-)

  2. So interesting Steve. I first heard this peace just after the death of a loved one who died in my arms. It is sweet in the spiritual sense, clean, clear like air after a great storm. Emily Dickinson might have described it as that perfect still point at the nadir of grief, at the zenith of joy. Thanks for playing it. It one of my favorites and always loosens the moorings of my life. Also in that album are delightful jazzy versions of some classic old hymns. Peace, Michael



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