Sunday, December 2, 2012

GOP Screams Like A Cranky Two-Year-Old

John Boehner, Age 2
GOPers don't take loss well. They especially don't like it when they know for certain they're right but the public just can't see reality... their reality, of course. Here's Krugman on the the likely course of the next two years:
Oh, boy. This isn’t going to end, even when or if a deal is reached on defusing the austerity bomb; John Boehner has just declared that he’s going to hold the full faith and credit of the United States hostage every time we hit the debt limit. Nor will it be a case of holding the nation at gunpoint until it meets GOP demands; Republicans are signaling that they don’t intend to make any specific proposals, they’re just going to yell and stamp their feet until Obama soothes them somehow.
John Boehner, Today
Is there any constitutional equivalent of a "time out" for a political party throwing a tantrum? I suppose not, since the Constitution doesn't mention political parties at all...

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