Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Back Home To Comfort Food

Tonight I dined on comfort food in the manner of my younger days, having eaten disgustingly healthily while in hospital: in celebration of coming home, I had an Antone's Po' Boy (the falafel sandwich; there are many others available) and Zapp's Potato Chips (the original, available here but originally from Louisiana... perhaps made from an oil well; it's hard to tell).

Po' Boy, Carnivore's Version
Antone's Po' Boy started up over a half century ago as a deli and sandwich shop; the original location (since demolished) was in Houston, on Taft north of West Gray, a few blocks from where I grew up. The sandwiches, then as now, were excellent, though when I lived nearby, my family was in no position to treat ourselves to such delights very often.

As for Zapp's chips, good Cajun Ron Zappe died in 2010 at age 67, and as many have remarked, no one needed to ask what he died of. They were, and are, the ultimate fatty salty kettle-cooked potato chip; others are mere imitations.

No, I had not been craving these "indelicacies," but when Stella brought them home to me, I wasted no time polishing them off. Ah, memories of the old neighborhood, not to mention living off the fat of the land...

1 comment:

  1. I love Antone's --- sure brings back memories . . .

    I'm glad you're doing better!



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