Sunday, January 13, 2013

COLA And Chained CPI: What Are They? What Impacts Would Obama's Proposed Changes Have?

A New York Times editorial discusses these (at greater length than most editorials) and concludes that President Obama, having not gotten his tax concessions from Republicans as they did not get their lowered cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs), still seems "determined to include the COLA cut" in forthcoming negotiations... a policy evidently harmful to seniors currently receiving Social Security benefits and liable to be even more harmful as years go by.

If someone can give me a good answer why any Democrat should advocate striking such an obvious blow against seniors... the population cohort overwhelmingly most supportive of the Democratic Party (and quite possibly directly responsible for Mr. Obama's re-election)... I'd really like to hear it. Otherwise, this "chained CPI" approach is nothing but another failure of Democrats to act like Democrats... and thus another sharp stick in the eyes of senior citizens who have supported that party.


  1. This development is nothing new. We have been ranting continuously since Obummer's second year about these now unfolding trends. And, now they are here. Our energy now should be focused on how to survive, if we can. I did not vote for Obummer, but have no heart for a "I told you so.' because the outcome is going to be devastating. I am back in anrachy mode and will make myself live long enough to vote against every Democrat on the next slate----even if it's for Teabaggers.

    1. karmanot - I cannot imagine that even an anarchic vote against a party not realistically in power can have the effect traditionally expected of anarchy. For such a blow to be effective, someone in the party in authority has to give a damn about the fate of the people rebelling, and I'm afraid no one does, Democrat or Republican, wise one or fool. All actions seem short-term, and opposition to them futile. But perhaps I've just had a bad day. Maybe tomorrow will bring me energy to fight the bastards...

    2. No. you are right. I must figure out a more insidious plan.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, karmanot. My last gesture of the evening was to buy some technology I didn't really want, but its predecessor failed, died dead, and I'm not willing to do without, so I spent hours researching, and eventually bought about half what I wanted, and I hope I ended up with what I need. Only the arrival of a package from Amazon will tell.



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