Saturday, January 5, 2013

While I'm In Hospital...

... don't bother posting YouTubes or any other active content in comments. Hospital network will censor them and I can't see them. Pictures of beans are fine; they know how to count those...

The diff between hospital and jail is that most of the time, in jail, your sentence is of a predetermined length. Not here in hospital, though; I could be here forever.  :-(


  1. There is that old joke, There are two places you need a friend on the outside, the pen and the hospital.

  2. What a totally disgusting system we have in this country - instead of a battle against disease and injury, the medical community battles the insurance industry. Hospitals have more people in accounting than nursing and the clerks are in more secure jobs.

    Doctors have to battle the hospital and the insurance companies to get their orders carried out. That's why a lot of things that had been done in the hospital in the past are now done on an outpatient basis.

    1. Bryan, at lesat the med staff seems quite competent here. As for the rest, I'll find out when I get out...



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