Monday, January 7, 2013

No Exit Possible Exit

Physical and occupational therapy are going decently well, though not smashingly. There is some rumor that I may be let out of this joint on Thursday, though I wouldn't bet on it yet. Time will tell.

Stella and my excellent landlord are frantically readying the house for my return. I admit I am scared of applying all these newly learned techniques... walking, peeing, climbing one step, all on a walker... in a real-world setting. At the same time, I miss the kitties terribly, I miss the sight of the tall trees in the back yard, and I miss my own computer, with its not-Windows operating system and vastly more comfortable keyboard. I shall be very glad indeed to get home, Thursday or a week later. Keep your fingers crossed...


  1. Fingers crossed! It will be good to know you are safe and sound at home again!

  2. Yes, what karmanot said, with bells on!



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