Saturday, March 2, 2013

Adventures On The New Leg

Not mine, but similar
A lot like mine
but mine is a right foot
I've been out of the house on two adventures in two days on the new prosthesis, one yesterday to a therapy session (intense!) and one today to a Chinese restaurant. Both were positive in some ways. Yesterday's outing involved transportation through a well-known big‑name volunteer org; their morning ride to TIRR Kirby Glen arrived at my house 40 minutes late and miraculously arrived at TIRR only five minutes late for my session (TIRR runs its rehab like clockwork; it's uncool to be late). Going home was a bit better: the vehicle arrived on time, but the driver had been told to expect a wheelchair passenger, not a walker user, and my entrance to the vehicle was a slide-out ramp below a wide door. I've certainly had my practice on ramps lately, but I suppose I shouldn't complain about a variety of experiences.

Today was my first meal out since the surgery in late December, unless you count the hospital food service as "dining out" (I don't) or the takeout Stella occasionally brings home for us (I do). On a whim, Stella and I went to a moderately old Chinese restaurant on Holcome called Happy All. Happy All was once my favorite Chinese restaurant when I was contracting in the Texas Medical Center, I used to alter my bike route home to take in a meal there; they made excellent veggie spring rolls with peanut sauce, among other things. The food today was good but not outstanding. All eateries that last for decades have their ups and downs.

Two days of actual use on the prosthesis show that it works as advertised. It isn't perfectly comfortable yet, but part of that is my unfamiliarity. This type of prosthesis, I'm told by one therapist, is designed to place the maximum weight on a spot just below the knee of the residual limb (apparently that's the proper term for "stump"), and my upper shin is simply not accustomed to it yet. That's what the therapy is all about. I do what I can, when I can. Meanwhile, on one level, it feels truly grand to be standing on two feet again, even if one of them is supported by some sort of carbon fiber contraption. On we go...


  1. I remember Happy All . . .

    1. I'm glad you do, c! Those days seem part of the golden long-ago now...

    2. They seem the same to me . . . part of the golden long-ago ---- and the spring rolls with peanut sauce were terrific . . .

  2. You are truly amazing! It's only been a few months and look at you.

    1. karmanot, I really want to put the worst of this behind me. Getting around on two feet is a big part of that!



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