Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Alternet's Adele Stan Interviews Paul Krugman

... on the use of language in progressive economics advocacy.

If Krugman is right, we progressives now have the attention of the public in a way we simply did not a mere 10 years ago, but we haven't managed to frame our arguments without trying too hard to appear "reasonable" ... i.e., conservative.

Progressive economists, Krugman says, should forget appearing conservative. Forget "preluding" for multiple paragraphs about how the deficit can be a long- or medium-term problem. Get right to the point: cutting government spending is a terrible idea in the wake of a severe recession. Don't mince words.

(H/T Krugman himself, in a post titled George Orwell and the Zombies.)

Afterthought: I don't believe I was consciously thinking of Krugman yesterday when I got fed up with my overwhelming post-hospital facial hair, but my beard, after I cut most of it off, now resembles Krugman's. One could do worse.

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