Thursday, March 7, 2013

Expected Result Of US Preemptive War On Iraq:
N. Korea Threatens Nuclear Attack On US

Trinity Test, July 16, 1945
Many of us have expected something like this ever since Preznit George W. Bush ordered the US to launch a preemptive invasion of Iraq: North Korea is threatening a preemptive nuclear strike against the US.

Yes, of course, it's insane. Yes, of course, North Korea probably does not have a nuclear weapon light enough in weight to be carried to the US by missile technology currently available to North Korea. Yes, of course, if they were to succeed, their own ashes would be glowing within hours. It's crazy. Kim Jong Un is apparently even more insane than his daddy.

But the threat itself is utterly predictable, and I blame Preznit George W. Bush, who attacked Iraq unprovoked after concocting and presenting to the UN wholly false accusations that Saddam Hussein was involved in the 9/11 attacks. That was crazy, too, and it opened the door for other nations to engage in future preemptive attacks on dubious or wholly fraudulent grounds.

That future is now. Those of you who supported Preznit Bush... those who supported the whole concept of preemptive invasion... I hope you enjoy the result.

(H/T DSWright of FDL.)

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