Friday, March 1, 2013

Removed From Blogroll

Secession or expulsion? Neither!
The Hoffman Post (The Drudge Retort) has been removed from the blogroll. Active efforts to remove Texas from the Union are unwelcome on the YDDV. Hoffman of course has a right to say whatever he wants on his own blog, but I will not assist him in promoting an expulsionist agenda. In fairness, I also refuse to promote the secessionist views of insane Texans such as Governor Perry.

Whatever problem America faces, fragmenting the Union is no part of any rational solution. It is, in fact, a terrible idea. Believe in it if you will, but please take it somewhere else.


  1. wow, don't mess with texas.

    i still stand by what i wrote when i was a guest poster at the big blue satan. i don't know why liberals fall so easily into demonizing certain areas of the country.

    1. Excellent post, 'noz.

      It is incomprehensible to me why Democrats would outright insult and alienate their fellow Democrats who happen to live in "red" states. But it certainly happens. After the 2000 selection, I was scorned, shamed and shunned on the threads of some Democratic blogs. Many people didn't quite tell me to go to Hell, but they certainly told me to go away... and I did so.

      That didn't change my style of politicking: My parents' generation of my family campaigned for FDR. If JFK had lived to the next election, he would have been the first president I voted for; as things tragically turned out, I ended up voting for LBJ instead.

      While I occasionally voted for Republicans in lower state offices, mostly in my young years, I've never voted for a GOPer for national office, and I'm confident I never will. I know what I believe. I know which party used to support those beliefs, and if we liberals all push hard enough, perhaps they will again. This is not purely a matter of politics with me; it's a matter of my life philosophy, and that's not going to change.

      I have nothing against Ben Hoffman personally. Many articles on his site are emphatically on the same side of issues as my own posts. But I just can't handle state-based prejudice.

  2. I am so guilty of that sometimes. Like many in Northern California, we believe California stops just south of Santa Barbara.

    1. karmanot, in the 21st century, state-based bigotry is nowhere nearly as justified as it might once have been. I confess I have reservations about Mississippi and Alabama, but even there, I've met enough sane, compassionate Americans online that I'd hate to see the states excised from the Union. By now, we stand or fall together; that's why I continue to fight for sanity on this blog.



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