Saturday, April 13, 2013

Carville: Obama Likes Annoying Liberals

TPM's Tom Kludt:
Gollum -- Carville
Democratic strategist James Carville said Friday that he doesn't think President Barack Obama is sweating the criticisim he's taken from his liberal base over a budget proposal that includes cuts to Social Security.

Appearing on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Carville said he thinks Obama relishes the commendation he's received from deficit hawks like New York Times columnist David Brooks and host Joe Scarborough. Asked by co-host Mike Barnicle how the President will respond to the outrage from the left-wing of the Democratic Party, Carville was blunt.

"I think he likes that," Carville said. "I don't think he's upset. He got a very favorable Washington Post editorial. 'Morning Joe,' very favorable commentary right here. I guarantee you if he's up watching this right now. Got a good David Brooks column. He's kind of excited this morning. This is kind of important to him."

But Carville added that the White House is not "totally out of bounds" with its budget, arguing that the proposal will "throw the Republicans off" and that Obama is desperate to strike a grand bargain with the GOP.

Some commenters on this TPM thread remarked that Obama is not sweating the opinions of liberals, because the latter have no place else to go. If that's really what Obama thinks, he is sadly mistaken: we liberals very much have another place to go, and that place is "away."

In the span of Obama's presidency, I have dropped my formal membership in the Democratic Party, stopped giving money to the party, and stopped giving money to Democratic candidates. There's only one step more that I could take: I could stop voting Democratic. A lot depends on the next two years, if I live through them. If I perceive that not only Obama but also congressional Democrats have sold out, if I see no substantial difference, if I feel, one more election cycle, that the Democratic Party does not have my interests at heart... the interests of seniors, women, children, LGBTs, the unemployed and the poor... I'll stay home on Election Day. Let them win elections without me, if they're able.

You don't believe me, Mr. Carville? Try me. Are you willing to bet the farm on the assumption that I have no place else to go?

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