Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kitty Proverb

The "facilities," both human and feline, in Our House are in the same small room. I've noticed that when Stella excuses herself, both Esther and Lily often go with her, sometimes speeding up and running ahead of her, so entangled in her feet that I worry she will trip over them. After all, as the proverb says...

The pride goeth before a fall.


  1. Do they think food is involved? Can there be a loud declaration, "No food!"? ... as if kitties would listen...

    Stella will have to learn the kitty shuffle, similar to the Lego slide we had to learn with our kids. It's the weaving in and out of the legs that's so dangerous....

    1. No, ellroon, it's nothing to do with food. The tibcats just seem to think that the pride should all go pee together. Cats are much less hung up about such matters than humans.

      (I mainly put up the post to be able to use the two meanings of the word "pride" simultaneously. The post has no substantive value.)



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