Monday, April 1, 2013

For Me, All Fools' Day Is Also Tax Day

I don't want to contemplate the symbolism of that fact too intensely, but today was the day I dealt with my income taxes. I didn't plan it that way; it just happened to be the day it was most expedient to do it. My accountant (old habits die hard; for many years, I hired an accountant to do my business taxes, and now I still do so for my personal taxes) will e-file for me if he has the proper paperwork from me, which is a great advantage to a cripple who can't easily leave home without at least a day's planning, and who isn't very steady on his feet standing in long lines. I recently received my completed return from him, so today I sent him the e-file authorization that lets him sign the return for me and file it online. Hey, it worked last year.

As for American taxpayers in general, we... at least those of us who work or worked for a living, who don't own a member of Congress or two of our own... we are indeed All Fools. No one in Washington represents us anymore... no one. Welcome to the era of pointless bipartisanship. Enjoy your taxes!

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