Monday, April 8, 2013


Have you wondered why I haven't yet gone after President Obama for his budget attacks on Social Security and Medicare? Is it because I support Obama's position in those matters? No. Is it because those positions have any sort of merit as policy? Hell, no. Why is it nowhere on the main page of TPM? I don't know. But I suspect one thing...

Priorities. This article is of overwhelmingly greater importance...

Thieves Make Off With Five Tons Of Nutella In Germany

OK. I ate a lot of that stuff 35 years ago when I spent a summer in Austria. (Nutella, I mean.) I don't believe I've had any since then. I can't imagine why!


  1. Bought a jar to taste for the first time just a few months ago... that stuff is dangerously delicious...

    1. Is that you in the photo, ellroon, with a dreamy look on your face? :-)

      Over decades, my taste in chocolate-based goodies has changed considerably. Now I prefer dark chocolate... 60%, 70%, even 80%... with or without nuts, but very, very dark. Our local Russian General Store has good chocolate; I can't read the Cyrillic on the label, but they use plain old Arabic numerals to display the percentages, and I haven't missed yet. If only the place were a little bit closer to home...

    2. :-D

      ellroon, chances are about zero that you would ever look like that!



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