Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Regular Vegetarian Option In A Public School Cafeteria? What A Concept!

Well, OK; it's in New York, specifically, in Queens. But apparently it's more popular than anyone ever expected, let alone predicted. I wonder how long it will be before the same cattle ranchers' association that tried to shut down Oprah Winfrey when she commented on mad cow disease gets cranked up about this...


  1. While there may be vegetarians among the students, it is also a good way to avoid the kosher/halel problems with meat in the City schools. It may also reflect recent changes to improve the school lunch program.

    I always avoided vegetables in school cafeterias and military chow halls because they were usually canned and cooked to mush. I like sweet potatoes, but not with brown sugar, raisins, and marshmallows, as happens in the South.

    Canned vegetables are OK if you just warm them, because they are cooked in the canning process, but going beyond warming makes them mush. [I worked in a canning factory]

    The school cafeteria is where most people learn to hate veggies.

    1. Bryan, most canned goods are welcome only after a hurricane. There are a few exceptions, most of them involving beans... Hormel makes a very decent vegetarian chili... but as you say, most canned veggies can easily turn into mush. Having eaten some foods in my childhood grown on my grandparents' farm, I am surprisingly hard to please for a city boy. In general, don't offer me canned corn!



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