Tuesday, November 19, 2013

National Security Task Force Sets About Collecting TML

That would be "Too Many Logos" ...

Risking my life in jail by quoting a snippet from an AP article by Eileen Sullivan at TPM,
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The National Security Agency reported its own violations of surveillance rules to a U.S. intelligence court and promised additional safety measures to prevent similar missteps over and over again, according to more than 1,000 pages of newly declassified files about the federal government's controversial program of collecting every American's phone records during the past seven years.

According to court records from 2009, after repeated assurances the NSA would obey the court's rules, it acknowledged that it had collected material improperly. ...

So many phone calls... so little time to collect them and lie about doing so...


  1. And yet somehow nobody ever seems to go to jail for violating a court's orders. I guess it's true that laws are just for us little people.

    1. BadTux, as far as I can tell, NSA operates completely orthogonal to the law. Its only point of contact seems to be its budget. They show no evidence of any compunction about lying to Congress... at the risk of violating Godwin, I could wonder if Der Führer had the same problem with the Gestapo. Let me equal my shortest doggerel ever, even if it's ungrammatical:




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