Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oops, sorry, BB, I meant...

Whatever T-bird you share today... turkey or Tofurky™ or in our case, tandoori veggie... gave a great day!


  1. I've learned how to make Vindaloo and a few other Indian dishes via Jamie Oliver the Brit cook, so maybe not so authentic but hot enough. Some of the Indian dishes are waaaay to hot for me.
    Hope your tandoori is to your satisfaction! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. ellroon, I never hear of "vindaloo" that I don't think of the episode of Red Dwarf in which someone pours or spills the leftover vindaloo into some sort of transmogrifier that brings it to life as a monster. Lister saves the day when he remembers the truism, "Only a lager kills a vindaloo!"

  2. You can certainly be thankful of Asians who see Thanksgiving as an opportunity allowing you and Stella to enjoy a meal without all of the work involved. Good food with friends, what's not to be thankful for?

  3. Thanks, all of you, and I hope your T-day involved satisfying food and "pastime with good company!"

    ellroon, the size of the Indo-Pak community in Houston, and the resulting plethora of restaurants, are a real discouragement to non-Indo-Pak Houstonians learning to cook Indian food. There's always someplace to go for any variety of food from that subcontinent, at practically any price, low or (very) high, well-prepared by people of the culture who have been preparing such food from at least their adolescent years. And when "just good enough" will do, there are grocers who carry packaged or frozen food that even I can heat up for a reasonably good Indian meal at home.

    karmanot, thank you, and to you as well! I am thankful for your posting of good poetry all year round.

    Bryan, that is indeed what I am thankful for, that and that my immediate family and friends are not (yet) gong hungry in these troubling times. May your own year be one you can be thankful for!



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