Sunday, November 24, 2013

Terms Of The Contract

Stella loves campy old (and new) Christmas movies. One of the broadcast networks... I believe it was Ion Television, though I'm not certain... offered several in a row this evening. When I checked in on Stella, she had just finished watching one of them and was settling in to watch another.

I am not unsympathetic. Stella has a demanding job that would fill me with a craving for vacuous entertainment, so I accommodate her need as best I can. Between the two movies, I poked my head into the room and told her that if she needed me, she would find me poring over the terms of the contract for our relationship, trying to find out if there really is a sanity clause... <grin_duck_run />


  1. It is remarks like that that make the winter holiday season such an interesting time in law enforcement. It's always entertaining when the criminal information lists a large wooden Nutcracker doll or a huge candy cane as the weapon,

    I think you just made the 'naughty' list.

    1. Bryan, Stella and I may have some humdingers of arguments at times, but from the beginning, we've been 100% nonviolent in our fights. Our policy is "make a fearsome racket, but do no harm." It works for us. A candy cane wouldn't do for use in our fights, though, because both of us always have real canes (one wood, one aluminum [?]) at hand at all times, and neither of us would risk the switch from candy imitations to the real thing.

      In this case, Stella actually laughed, as I had hoped.

    2. (My single-point cane is stainless steel; I looked it up. Who knew stainless could be so lightweight.)



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