Thursday, October 8, 2015

Benghazi... Benghazi... Benghazi...

For once, congressional Republicans seem to be using their metaphorical guns to shoot themselves in the metaphorical foot (House Majority Leader and [possibly former] Speaker-in-waiting Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA); Benghazi Select Committee chair Rep. Trey (!) Gowdy; etc.) and even conservative print and broadcast political commentators are starting to notice.

And for once, congressional Democrats are starting to feed this free grist to the political mill.

Is it just me, or does anyone else look at Trey Gowdy's actions as chair of the Select Committee and find her/himself reminded of former Rep. Dan Burton (R-Indiana) of the GROS Committee, um, the Oversight and Government Reform Committee? the same style of battering one or more Democrats (in Burton's case, hundreds) with a sledgehammer while refusing to call GOPers to answer equivalent questions? When I hear Republicans whiiiining they are victimized by partisanship perpetrated by Democrats, I can't help thinking of Burton and gritting out through clenched teeth, "you bastards had it coming" ... now I can think of Gowdy as well.

In any case, there's at least a possibility after McCarthy's Clinton-related gaffe and Gowdy's offensively partisan chairmanship that Democrats may see GOPers get their just deserts. (Not to be confused with Gov. Chris Christie, who clearly gets just his desserts...)


  1. Benghazi... Benghazi... Benghazi... and Secretary Clinton!!

    1. Enfant, I heard the word on ABC news (broadcast TV) that McCarthy has withdrawn his name from consideration for Speaker. From a career standpoint, that was a wise move on his part, because the Dems would have made him eat his words, and some of those words surely tasted like sh!t...

    2. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.) dropped out of the race for Speaker Thursday. His downfall was the same as John Boehner's: GOP hardliners who don't want to compromise.

    3. Enfant, regarding the "GOP hardliners who don't want to compromise," the impossibility of dealing with that kind of Republican lies not in their uncompromising behavior as much as in their repeated failure to act in their own best interest. E.g., the GOP is "the party of business," but what could be worse for business than a debt default resulting from a government shutdown? The problem is intrinsic to attempting to gauge their likely actions based on what a rational person would do in a given circumstance, but Tea Party nut-jobs, much like terrorists, are willing to engage in outright self-destruction to make a point: rationality will not give you a clue what they will do next, and there seems to be nothing that can divert them from a course of action that destroys us... and them.

      I'm very close to giving up on any kind of negotiated settlement of anything with the tea nutcases. Let them rot in their own political excrement.



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