Saturday, October 24, 2015

Is The End Of The Rain In Sight? Maybe —

At about 10:30 PM CDT, we just heard an announcement on KHOU-TV that part of the band of heavy rain coming northeast from the coast and passing through Houston (causing some flooding), specifically the trailing edge,  is now visible on radar, possibly 2½‑3‑3½ hours away from Houston. That means there should be an end... sooner than initially expected... to the flooding. So far, the street in front of Our House is not flooded across, and is passable in any but the shallowest vehicle, though I'd prefer not to drive it right now. This may pass us with less damage than we feared. I'll let you know when I know something more myself.

UPDATE sometime after midnight: even the hours mentioned above may not be soon enough at the rate some areas in the central part of the county are flooding. I'm still hoping for good luck at Our House, and what I see out the window bears out my hope. More as it happens.

UN-UPDATE: OK. Great. TV stations KHOU and KPRC have recently given quite different versions of what is expected in the next few hours. Maybe this "weather forecasting" thingy is not quite what it's cracked up to be. In any case, I'm going to quit letting their conflicting reports make a fool of me, at least on this one issue... apologies for the confusion, which is obviously not mine alone.

UPDATE: about 11:15 AM Sunday. The rain has stopped at our location, except for occasional very light, sparse showers. Some other parts of the city got some flooding; I'll leave that to the media to report. Our lawn never got even grass-deep in water, the back patio never had standing water on it, and I don't believe any neighborhood critters (outdoor, whether wild or pet) would have had any trouble surviving. There could always be more weather today, or, Dog forbid, another storm... That's it for me regarding Patricia. What a boring but tense 48 hours!


  1. You do understand most of California is intensely Jealous? Of course if we got that much water in that short period would cause the coastal range to slip into the pacific!


    1. Shirt, you're welcome to most of this water; all you have to do is come get it and transport it away from here. :-)

      We don't know what will happen because an event like this has never happened before. Mountains in Texas are all out west, so presumably we won't see them slip into an ocean. Floods are common here, but only recently have we started seeing great numbers of people losing their homes to massive floods, some of the floods incident to hurricanes or coastal phenomena like storm surges. A decade ago I waited out Hurricane Rita in Houston; if it happened today I'd evacuate as most sensible people did way back then... IOW, there was once a standard sensible response to a known weather event; now it's all a crap-shoot. Guess wrong and you end up broke or homeless or both.

    2. Oh, and we got some more localized training rain after I wrote the last of the above post; our back yard now has two puddles each 2-3 yards wide and a couple inches above the top of the grass. So much for our overconfidence!

  2. It started raining over here at 11PM CDT Sunday and is still raining. .17 inches yesterday and .6 inches so far this morning. It is moving slowly eastward but the eastern edge is only at Panama City, 66 miles east, and the western edge is over near Gulfport over 100 miles to the west of me.

    1. (Oops, sorry, Bryan, your comment slipped past, and I was busy today with stuff I didn't get done during the floods.)

      Wow. Sounds like you got it much worse than we did at Our House. There were places in Houston that were pretty bad, and other parts of Texas that were even worse, but your numbers sound worse than anything I've heard about in TX. I hope you escape the worst of those numbers...

    2. We ended with 2½ inches, but we have white quartz sand and it doesn't hang around long. It is the people who haul in topsoil and plant grass sod who get flooded.

    3. Bryan, topsoil and grass on a beach sound like a terrible idea, but I can't say I'm surprised some folks try it. I'll bet they DO have a mess to clean up!

    4. Bryan, topsoil and grass on a beach sound like a terrible idea, but I can't say I'm surprised some folks try it. I'll bet they DO have a mess to clean up!

    5. Bryan, topsoil and grass on a beach sound like a terrible idea, but I can't say I'm surprised some folks try it. I'll bet they DO have a mess to clean up!



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