Thursday, October 1, 2015

New Slogan: ‘Alabama... The N****r-F^<king State’

Tierney Sneed at TPM:
What happens when a state with a tough voter ID law suddenly makes it much harder for minorities to get driver's licenses? We are about to find out in Alabama.

Facing a budget crisis, Alabama has shuttered 31 driver's license offices, many of them in counties with a high proportion of black residents. Coming after the state recently put into effect a tougher voter ID law, the closures will cut off access -- particularly for minorities -- to one of the few types of IDs accepted. 
According to a tally by columnist John Archibald, eight of the 10 Alabama counties with the highest percentage of non-white registered voters saw their driver's license offices closed.

This seems truly blatant to me. But that only implies that the outcome depends on how thoroughly the judiciary in Alabama is bought and paid for. As Repub's become more desperate to "win," they are willing to move more aggressively and take more chances of being convicted of out-and-out theft by a variety of means. If the various balances of power... federal vs. state, judiciary vs. legislature, etc. ... fail to result in significant court cases, at the federal level at least, we could see more of Alabamans' fundamental voting rights yanked away from citizens and defended only to the extent the state judiciary wants them defended. Which, in Alabama, may not be very damned much.

Representative democracy, even a sorry, low-life representative democracy like the one in America, requires a meaningful process that allows every adult permanent resident h. sapiens to vote according to her or his district. What happens if we don't have that? You tell me...

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