Friday, October 9, 2015

US Bombed Doctors Without Borders Hospital In Kunduz, Afghanistan. WHY? Demand An Investigation...

... through Amnesty International.

This link goes to a form at Amnesty addressed to the President and the Secretary of Defense, which seem to me like the right recipients for the displayed petition/letter. If you have prior interactions with Amnesty, your name and address will probably already be filled in. If my name and address appear instead, something's gone wrong; I don't think this will happen, but if it does, just type over or manually clear all fields in the form.

The hospital was effectively destroyed by a US air strike, with many people killed. The US is not being forthcoming about the matter.

If this was a deliberate, systematic destruction of a medical facility run by a non-government org aimed mainly at civilians but sworn to provide medical assistance in war zones without getting involved in the dispute itself, the US has gotten a lot more evil than it used to be, and we deserve to know. How many times have we been told that the Afghan people are not our enemy? I urge you to ask President Obama and Secretary Carter to order an investigation.

(Full disclosure: I make occasional contributions to DwB as an ordinary concerned citizen; I am not a "member" in a formal sense (as I am with some of the other org's listed in the left hand column of the blog). Beyond advocacy, I am not directly personally involved in DwB's activities. I was, however, an active member of Amnesty for several years about a decade ago.)

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