Saturday, June 15, 2013

And Yet A Gun... Er, I Mean, Again

From TPMLiveWire:

If it's not full, you don't
have enough guns!
A 4-year-old boy is being treated at a hospital for non-life threatening injuries after being shot by a 5-year-old boy on Friday in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

According to WXII 12 News, the child found a gun in a closet and discharged it in what investigators are calling an accident. Police say an adult was present in the home at the time of the incident. The 4-year-old is recovering from a wound to the shoulder at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.
(Bolds mine.)

"Have you got a gun in your [closet], or are you just glad to [shoot] me?"

I suppose in North Carolina it's an "accident" when the shot doesn't kill the other kid...

Here, kid, this'll give you a real "shot in the arm..."


Have we skipped an entire generation of parent training in basic firearm safety? Or am I growing cynical?


  1. Not to be crude, Steve, but as near as I can tell toddlers have killed more Americans than terrorists this year, but we can't do anything about guns.

    1. Bryan, the problem so clearly, unmistakably lies in 1) the ready availability of loaded guns 2) to people (including kids) not trained adequately if at all in their use. Such factors have nothing to do with national defense (as if a ragtag militia could do a damned thing to defend the nation today) or personal protection (a small child is far more liable to shoot themselves or another household member than to stop an armed burglar), and we're paying with these ancient fantasies with the lives of ordinary adults and children who do not deserve to die, and who could be saved by simple procedures in the law, procedures to which only gun nuts [stet] object.

      Excuse me... I have to check that my closet door is unobstructed, not that being closeted will help anything...



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