Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blogger Comments Flaky Lately

Blogger is apparently making changes to its commenting mechanism, possibly as part of merging Blogger comments and Google+ comments. I'm a Blogger user but not a Google+ user. Twice this week I've lost outgoing comments, one to ellroon a couple of days ago, one to Bryan just last night. To all appearances, they're gone forever, and the Blogger dashboard is behaving peculiarly and serving exceptions for breakfast today.

My advice: don't write your magnum opus in the comments here, or if you do, back it up somewhere else. We have to live with this fact: every app has bugs, but when Blogger has bugs, it affects millions of people. A word to the wise...


  1. Blogger bugs are the main reason I switched to Wordpress. Wordpress actually makes a living selling their Wordpress software and Wordpress hosting to people, so they tend to have some semblance of, oh, quality control. Which isn't the case with Google. They roll out crap and if you complain, "well, you're getting what you paid for, so shut up and quit complaining." Sigh.

    - Badtux the Wordpressin' Penguin

  2. 'tux... heh. I went the other direction.

    My original blog was a hand-constructed site, except for comments, for which I used HaloScan. When Jeevan hung it up and managed to sell his commenting s/w to someone, I switched to hosted, which is a pale shadow of their s/w for self-hosted blogs.

    WordPress corporate attitude toward their freebie s/w customer base was the main reason I switched to Blogger. One day I came home to find my WordPress blog was blocked... no word to me on why. When I finally found out, it turned out to be because of a link on my blogroll to a site WordPress disapproved of because of their TOS violations. Removing that link resurrected my blog, but they say a word to the wise is sufficient, and so it was...

    If Disqus had been in its current advanced state when I moved the first time, I might have used it, and stuck with my original chewing-gum and baling-wire blog. Who knows.

    1. actually, i'm getting frustrated with Disqus. (They recently forced everyone to go to "new disqus" which, among other things, does not permit you to have your comment thread display comments in chronological order by default (instead the default is the comments are displayed in order of "importance," as deemed by the disqus algorithm. Which means that an extended back and forth discussion often looks like a series of non-sequetors. When I noticed it after the forced "upgrade" to new disqus and complained to customer support, they noted that individual users each had the ability to change their display to "oldest on top" but there was no way to change the defaults because new disqus is to awesome. I don't have extended back-and-forth arguments in my comments much anymore, so I guess it isn't a major problem right now. Anyway, end of parenthetical rant)

      It's good to see that you're getting pissed off with the indigenous blogger comments. I have thought on more than one occasion about looking into switching. Why can't someone just bring back HaloScan?

    2. 'noz, that is a good example of a classic reason not to have a programmer design an app: a lot of programmers, especially young ones, including me when I was young, know what is possible... and set out to do just that, i.e., everything that is possible. The medium is unbelievably flexible, and the temptation to exercise that flexibility is sometimes overwhelming. One can, of course, be creative and disciplined, and the best programmers are both. But the required self-restraint isn't automatic; it is a developed skill. Comments in order of "importance" is precisely such a feature: it is possible, but far from helpful. IMHO, "in order of arrival" is best, possibly with a feature to place replies to a particular comment near that comment. Again IMHO, almost anything else is madness.

    3. what i don't get is why they don't at least give me the option of choosing the default order for how comments appear. Old disqus did just that, but then the "improvement" means I don't even have the option of setting a different default. It makes no sense.

    4. 'noz, did you sign me up for a Disqus account? There's some sort of notification in my Gmail inbox, though I haven't opened it yet.

    5. 'noz, if I had two brain cells together, I'd have known how Disqus works: if you leave a comment accompanied by any reasonable part of a profile (e.g., email address), Disqus creates a partial profile for you and invites you to fill in the rest. That invitation is what landed in my Gmail inbox; no human action required. Du-uh!



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