Tuesday, June 11, 2013

iNSAnity Update

Most of these are from TPM:
... and, in the interest of justice, defendants' rights, and fair trials everywhere [/snark],
There was no way, ever, that Edward Snowden could have gotten a fair trial for what he admittedly did. But perhaps if his lawyer is any good, s/he can ply these outrageous statements by members of Congress into a dismissal.


  1. OT: I think I've found it, Steve. Go to the manual update app. When you open it there is a button in the lower left corner for "Settings". Under the leftmost tab you select the source of updates. My selection says US server, and I'll bet yours says UK.

    1. Bryan, when the system forces a change from en_US to en_GB, it is visible in about:config under spellchecker.dictionary. It can be manually changed from there.

      I am trying out a suggestion I found on one Mozilla forum to delete all the spelling checker dictionaries except the one I want to use. They live in folder /usr/lib/firefox/dictionaries and you have to be root (i.e., use sudo) to delete them. I restarted Firefox and we'll see what happens in the next week or so.

    2. Steve, I was looking for the reason it reverts when there is an update, which is why I suspect you are getting updates from the UK server which would default everything to UK English.

      I don't have the problem, so I'm looking for differences between your system and mine.


    3. Bryan, you're talking about the Update Manager, right? I checked that first; under the tab "Ubuntu Software", the setting is "Server for United States". AFAIK, it's always been that. I think this is something Mozilla-specific, because Thunderbird automatically installed the GB language pack... apparently there is no US language pack.



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