Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wendy Davis's Filibuster Sneakers Being Amazon Review‑Bombed

GOPers have wonderful cognitive facility connecting things that have no real-world association. Now they are writing Amazon reviews of the model of sneakers worn by Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis (D) during her successful filibuster of the draconian and almost certainly unconstitutional anti-abortion bill. TPM's Zoe Schlanger provides a couple of example, one favorable, one not:

Another popular 'review' reads: "I tried on a pair at the local mall and suddenly Texas Republicans started telling me what to do with my genitals. They started explaining reproduction to me like I was a seventh grader. Unfortunately, being male, I had no way to shut the whole thing down. I'm so confused..."

Anti-abortion Amazon 'reviewer' M. Angeli wrote: "I only have one concern about these shoes. The soles are made of rubber and will undoubtedly melt in the fires of hell, which is where people who murder babies will go."

For Democratic ladies who would like to make a fashion statement supporting Davis, the shoes are "a pair of pink and green Mizuno Women's Wave Rider 16s." The shoe's warranty does not include filibuster success, nor protection from the fires of Hell (nor even from Texas summers). But pink and green were my elementary school's official school colors; I've gotta love 'em...

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