Friday, June 28, 2013

War Houston Is Hell

Tomorrow it is forecast to reach 100°F in Houston inside Loop 610. At night, we're supposed to get a tiny amount of rain, and as a consequence the high on Sunday will be only 97°F. Jeebus, it isn't even July yet! Do you still want to try to convince me the climate isn't changing?


  1. Erm, I lived in Houston in June before. And while 100F isn't usual in June, the 95F that *is* usual in June isn't *that* much cooler. Especially with 100% humidity. And my Aunt Shirley grew up before air conditioning and didn't use her air conditioning and when I washed clothes I had to take them to her house (or else pay money at the laundramat and money was in tight supply, I had a ridiculously small amount of money to survive the summer before my salary from HISD started up). I was renting a room from a guy for $100/month and he was from India and didn't believe in air conditioning either. So I got to be nice and toasty that summer. So I can tell you, Houston summers are *hot*, regardless of climate change!

    -Badtux the Former Texan Penguin

    1. My condolences, 'tux; Houston has indeed always been hell, even before climate change. I grew up in a series of duplexes none of which had A/C until I was 17 years old; then we had a window A/C in the living room that also cooled the dining area but not the kitchen or either bedroom. I presume I was conceived in Houston, but damned if I know how my parents managed it. :D

      I spent my late 20s and early 30s in a genuinely charming garden apartment called Park Lane, just north of Hermann Park; it, too, had a window A/C, but it seldom worked properly. I built my first harpsichord in the bedroom of that apt., without A/C; it was truly sweaty work. How the Flemish 17th-century masters managed to build their instruments I'll never know. Indeed, how the surface decorative paper (used instead of lacquer) on Flemish instruments ever stayed stuck in place is a mystery to me. By the time I owned a good quality Flemish-style instrument built by a real harpsichord maker, I also had A/C, and it wasn't a problem. Unstuck glue joints, now those were a problem...



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