Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Everyone Knows It's Wendy! — UPDATED

Wendy Davis
State Sen. Wendy Davis (D-TX) successfully filibustered one of the most draconian anti-abortion bills to appear in any state legislature this year, a bill that would have all but banned abortion in Texas.

Davis spoke for over 11 hours, despite Republican attempts to shout her down and at least one warning for speaking off-topic. What off-topic subject did she address? SONOGRAMS. Yeah, right, sure; that's "off-topic," and all GOP legislators are legitimate sons of their fathers.

The best article I've found on the subject is Charles Kuffner's "Filibusted," but I also received a note from Planned Parenthood that there is a move afoot to run a woman for Governor of Texas. What a concept! Somewhere, the late Ann Richards is grinning from ear to ear...

AFTERTHOUGHT: This is of course not over. Gov. Goodhair can call one special session after another, without end, and GOPers have the votes to pass their Worst Nightmare for Women. But at least the bill is dead for the most recent special session, GOPers have a black eye on the national stage, and Wendy Davis is (quite rightly, from what I've seen of her career over the years) the new star of the Democratic Party, at home and elsewhere. She deserves your thanks... and, if you have the money to spare, your campaign donations.

UPDATE 6/27: Davis says she would, in fact, like to run for statewide office. I'm counting down the seconds before Lush Limpbough calls her a "slut" or a "prostitute" ...

UPDATE 6/27: Goodhair Perry slams Davis in public statement; Davis responds. Of course it's possible Perry is merely responding opportunistically, but it seems equally possible to me that Perry sees Davis as a potential rival in 2014.


  1. What a heroine! Next governor?

    1. karmanot, would I ever like that! Wendy is a solid Democrat of the old school, actually cares about education and old people and things like that. She may be a bit young for Governor (or maybe not, but she has some dues to pay). The best summary of her history I found on, of all places,

  2. My daughter was watching Tumblr about Wendy Davis' filibuster and at the end Tumblr apparently just EXPLODED with the shouting and angry rants and stunned amazement. The Republicans may fix the next few elections, but they've lost the newest voting generation.

    1. ellroon, as evil as some Texas Republicans are, it's kind of fun to watch them sometime. They control both houses of the Legislature and the Governor's office (the latter apparently for the life of the current holder; just call him King Ricky)... and yet they're as insecure as a preteen attending his/her first dance. Your daughter saw evidence of that Texas GOP insecurity, and the mean-spiritedness that goes with it. What amazes me is not that they're alienating the Texas electorate, but that they seem determined to double down on their self-destructive, stupid behavior, seeing it as some kind of display of loyalty to the party.

      I'd love to say that GOPers are unintelligent, but on the face of things, they are not: rather, they simply can't stop themselves from doing self-destructive things. This mattered little when white male Republicans were an overwhelming majority among the voting public, but Blacks and Hispanics of both sexes together now outnumber whites in Texas, and the consequences, before very long, will overwhelm even the most entrenched illegal control tactics. I hope I live long enough to see that happen.

    2. ellroon, I wrote a wonderful reply, then managed to lose it; sorry! In brief... Texas GOPers, despite holding both houses of the Lege and also the Governor's chair, are as insecure as a preteen at her/his first dance. But the result makes the GOPers, unlike the preteen, outright mean. Go figure.

    3. ellroon, Blogger is axing my comments...

    4. OK, that one finally stuck. I lost two good replies to your comment, dammit!

      In short: I likened the Texas GOP to a preteen at her/his first dance... insecure despite having everything in his/her favor. But unlike the preteen, the GOP is just plain mean.



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