Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Nation Of Sheep

Actually this is a shepherds' protest in Madrid, Spain over urban infringement on long-traditional grazing rights (photo via Independent), but America comes closer every day to being just what the subject says...

AFTERTHOUGHT: if you like sheep, and you like murder mysteries, try Leonie Swann's widely translated novel, Three Bags Full. I found it at the public library and enjoyed it thoroughly.


  1. But really, it has to be that way. If most people were wolves rather than sheep, humankind would have ended long ago because the predator-prey ratio would be unsustainable. Right now what keeps crime at reasonable rates is that most people are compliant and don't like violence. If most people were violent and non-compliant, civilization would be impossible, because humans wouldn't cooperate with each other enough to build anything that would last for more than a few minutes before another human stole it or destroyed it.

    So the question isn't whether most people are sheep. The question is how to keep the few wolves amongst the sheep from having mutton for dinner.

    - BT

    1. Well, there is that Bach aria, Sheep May Safely Graze (though one English-language version by a German publisher has it as "Sheep may safely while their shepherd"). It must be good: it requires a pair of recorders. Hope the wolves haven't gotten to the recorder players!

  2. At least you gave me something to do while I awaited the reporting of the disaster that was this election - Three Bags Full was a good read. Not even Miss Maple would have thought that 'two-legs' would be as stupid as they have shown themselves to be.

    1. A good read indeed, Bryan. Three Bags Full is as well-crafted as any "serious" mystery, and Swann handles the "talking animals" problem as well as anyone, and better than most [*cough* *cough* Rita Mae Brown *cough*]. The translator deserves praise as well; at the moment, I don't know who produced the English version (the original is in German, I believe), but s/he did a splendid job of it. The book has been translated into 100+ languages, IIRC.



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